Learn to trust yourself . . .

And build a profitable business without the hustle.

Join the Business & Being Sanctuary

Are you excited and terrified about building your coaching practice?

  • Are you turned off by smarmy marketing tactics? 
  • Not sure if you are doing this business thing "right"? 
  • Do you long to run your business using a more spiritual, fun approach? 
  • Tired of spinning your wheels and feel like you can't get traction? 


The whole point of this entrepreneurial gig is freedom and a lifestyle that allows you to be who you are.

Which means growing your business with the feminine, compassionate and creative energy that is YOU! 

We’re excited to share the magic that happens when we align you and your inner-woo.

We LOVE helping coaches create profitable businesses. 

You'll discover the perfect combination of action items that doesn't include hustle and stress.

You'll learn to ditch self-pressure, follow your inner wisdom, and treat yourself with compassion and love all while running a profitable business.

Feel Safe & Supported

In the Business and Being Sanctuary, you can show up wherever you are as you build and grow your business.

It can feel confusing, difficult, or even embarrassing to talk about your business. We are here to provide a safe space to explore your business.

Build Your Business & Nurture Your Being 

We know you're not into the crushing it, slaying it and grinding away business lifestyle. 

You long for a way to use your natural, feminine energy to do business. 

We run our business using a gentler energy that nourishes our being AND our business. We want to share our experiences and tools with you, so you can, too! 

Nurture & Grow 

Life can be intense. Whatever you've faced, be it illness, divorce, family struggles, career changes or any life challenge, we know what you need is a kind nurturing space in which to build, start, and grow you and your business.  

The Business & Being Sanctuary

. . . a community where you can share openly and be met with compassion.
You'll get mind-body tools and practical business guidance.

Calm & Connected

When you know how to work with fear, use mind-body tools to calm your nervous system, and tap into your spiritual guidance, you'll have a business you love.

Practical & Successful

When you know exactly what basic pieces you need in your business in order to succeed, you'll have confidence and joy. 

Join Today!

Intuit & Simplify

When you know what should you can throw out, what advice to ditch, how to simplify and how to market with love instead of sleaze, you'll have a soul-aligned business. 

In the Business and Being Sanctuary . . .

. . . we'll nurture your business and your being.

Wherever you are with your business ~ whether you don't have a website yet or you've been up and running for years and are ready for a change ~ we want you to help you get moving in a way that feels fun and exciting.

This membership community is designed to offer you ongoing support. There’s just nothing like ongoing support to make success possible. You can’t beat having mentors who answer your questions regularly, guide you through the business development process at your own pace, and also give you permission (and even assignments!) to play, rest, and honor who you are.

If you’re really not into “hustling,” then you REALLY need support and community around building a business in a gentler, kinder, more feminine way.

You might wonder if it’s possible to do business without running yourself ragged, hitting the grind, and slaying.

We want you to know right now that you can! We do it every day.

If you're a coach who wants to create and run a profitable business while also honoring your being, we'd like to invite you to become a founding member of the Business and Being Sanctuary.

Founding Members in The Business and Being Sanctuary. As a founding member, your monthly fee - $177/month -  will be less than anyone else will ever pay in the future. As long as you are a member in good standing it will never increase, throughout the lifetime of the membership site.

We hold two Business and Being Sanctuary Q and A sessions per month. As a member, you can come to those live sessions and bring all your burning business questions, fears, and ideas.

We’ll coach you, support you, and give you feedback. These classes will be held on the Zoom platform and will be recorded so that all members can access them no matter their schedule.

You’ll also get access to The Business and Being Sanctuary Membership Area and the Facebook Group where you will join a group of women on the same journey.

What our participants are saying . . .

Becky Meinschein, Master Mind Body Coach


The Memberhip . . .

. . . will include structured processes to help you:

  • Shift from business overwhelm to taking doable steps that create success

  • Build a strong foundation for your business that sets you up for growth (get help around website structure, email strategy, and social media planning)

  • Bring in income (or increase your profits) without killing yourself doing it

  • Handle fear and other emotions using mind-body strategies that keep you moving forward and prevent stuckness

  • Add more play and restorative rest to your life so you feel energized to create and coach

  • Boost your creativity so that writing and planning are easier

  • Learn mind-body tools to help relieve stress in business and life

  • Dial in on the business basics that every entrepreneur needs and get help tossing the stuff that doesn’t work for you

  • Create a business that not only works with your life and who you are but nurtures you and brings you joy

We believe in DOABLE

We've made this program doable. We think everything about your business should feel unbelievably, mind-blowingly doable.

Paradigm Shifts

We need to leave behind the cultural stories that are getting in the way of your success.

We're going to pare things down, get rid of all the stuff you don't need, and show you how to create a rock-solid foundation for your business growth.

We are going to be breaking rules and creating new guides! 

Business Basics

You'll learn business basics in a whole new way because they will be attuned to your body, your spirit, and your life.

You'll learn to tell a story that focuses on service first. Without that, any business advice is largely ineffective. 

Feedback & Community  

The Business and Being Sanctuary is centered around coaching and community. You’ll get our constant support as you implement what you learn from the videos we provide, and you’ll also get a fellowship of non-hustling coaches to travel with on your journey.

How does the program work?

  • We'll gather twice a month on a video conference call for Q&A and coaching. 

  • We'll typically meet on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • You'll have the opportunity to be coached or ask questions in the bi-monthly Q&A calls
  • You'll have immediate access to all of our past free classes in the membership area.

  • You’ll have a Facebook Group to connect with us and fellow classmates.

  • All the calls will be recorded and available in your private membership area online.

  • Your membership area has videos, cheat-sheets and monthly content/support.


We believe in DOABLE

We've made this program doable. We think everything about your business should feel unbelievably, mind-blowingly doable.

Who are we to teach this shizzle?

Abigail Steidley

Over the last ten years, Abigail has helped hundreds of women follow their intuitive wisdom, rediscover their creative magic, heal themselves, and create entrepreneurial success. 

She founded Mind-Body Magic Coach Training in 2010 and has trained over a hundred mind-body coaches who are thriving and coaching all over the world, helping others find energy and well-being again. 

She spent six years as the Director of Wayfinder Life Coach Training for Martha Beck, Inc., developing an inspired learning environment for coaches and using connection and caring for prospective coaches to create successful program sales numbers.

"Abigail’s mind-body approach is so simple, fun and counter-intuitive. It has helped me on so many occasions to connect with a just-right prescription for feeling more alive, creative and inspired. And, it’s hilarious and makes me laugh! "

Mara Wai
Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Carmen Schreffler

Carmen takes businesses from doing "okay" to "sold out." 

Carmen routinely manages 7-figure launches without 6-figure spend because she focuses on connection and service.

Carmen believes that the cornerstone to successful business is service and deep listening. 

Listening to inner wisdom, listening to customers, and listening to the stories our numbers tell us. 

We can follow inner wisdom and numbers to produce truly magical results in your business. 

We follow your woo AND use marketing fundamentals to create consistent profits.

I work with life coaches, spiritual mentors, authors and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create consistent results in their businesses.

Carmen also helps clients to brush themselves off and get back up when things didn't go perfectly. 

Because this is real life, it will go sideways! 

But together they learn from the successes and the failures to continually improve and grow.

"Carmen is a magic-maker and a shot of whiskey all in one!"

Sarah Papp
Master Coach & Founder of Sarah Papp Coaching

What our participants are saying . . .

Mara Wai, Master Mind-Body Coach


We believe in DOABLE

We've made this program doable. We think everything about your business should feel unbelievably, mind-blowingly doable.

You might have some concerns, like:

  • I’ve already spent money on my business and I haven’t made progress; what if this is the same?
  • I’m not sure I have the time to spend on the program.
  • I don’t want to be a typical marketer and I’m afraid of social media.
  • I don’t have a lot of money to spend on my business right now.

We totally understand! We’ve created this membership with those very things in mind. The reason people often don’t make progress after taking a course is this; the techniques may not align with who they are, or they may simply be too overwhelming. 

We’re eliminating those problems in our membership by teaching you how to create something that does work for you, and giving you the bare basics with no frills. (You don’t need frills to succeed!)

Time is always short, so we’re making this membership simple, yet effective. You’ll spend time working on your business. DOing the doable steps that are most important to get you towards your goals. We'll be available in the community and in group Q&A calls to support you and help you to keep making progress.  allowing you real time to digest and practice what you’re learning.

We don’t want you to have to market in a way that feels yucky to you. We’ll show you exactly how to create leads and bring in clients while staying completely in your integrity. And, social media can be used for good. We’ll show you how. 

This membership is a low-cost program so that you can get started without spending big bucks. We’ve been there. We want to make it affordable and easy to get the support and mentorship that you need.

"Abigail Steidley is a good coach for bad times. Her coaching can make your life better no matter what your circumstances, but when things get tough she is really in her element. Her ability to forge and strengthen mind-body-spirit connections for her clients make her a safe haven in life’s stormy times. Abigail’s kindness, her wit, her intelligence, and her determination are formidable allies for her clients."

Martha Beck
Author, Founder of Wayfinder Life Coach Training

Business & Being Sanctuary

A membership community that supports you and your business.

What's Included in the
Business & Being Sanctuary Membership


Founders Special through the end of 2019

TWO Group Coaching and Q&A Calls per Month

Facebook Community

Marketing and Growth Strategies
 to build your business

Mind-body processes to deal with fear, and overwhelm

Mind-body tools to access your true inner wisdom for your business

Tips on how to combine business and mind-body to create true alignment between your business goals and your inner woo. 

Start cultivating the soul of your business today!

"My favorite thing about Carmen is that she shares my ideal of making every customer connection—emails, FaceBook Live broadcasts, webinars—a form of service. It’s a style of marketing that puts the customer first, and I love that. I also love the data and critical analysis we’ve been able to do with Carmen’s help. She’s a bundle of energy who always aims to give, rather than take, and I consider myself very lucky to work with her."

Martha Beck
Author, Founder of Wayfinder Life Coach Training

We believe in DOABLE

We've made this program doable. We think everything about your business should feel unbelievably, mind-blowingly doable.


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